Isaac walks towards his locker and starts taking off his shirt. He’s the only one in the locker room from late night practice with Jackson. He looks through the metal lockers and sees Jackson entering the lockers. His locker is right next to Isaac’s so there’s going to be staring. Isaac opens his locker and sits down on the bench, beginning to untie his shoes. “We have to win this week’s game,” he begins as he watches the other skin appear next to him. He looks at the torso, semi-daydreaming of lust. He shakes his head into reality and resumes untying his shoes. He didn’t listen to what Jackson’s reply was because he was too busy daydreaming. “I know we’re going to win. I just know it,” he continues. He kicks his shoes off and takes off his shorts. He looks over to see the other in his cup. He watches as the other bends forward in front of his with his ass pointing at him. Isaac stands and gulps. It’s a good thing I’m wearing a cup.

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    Jackson’s mouth was gaped open as he felt the other’s ass move over him. He groaned, tilting his head back. “Oh my...
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    Isaac moves back, he sits on the erection and continues moving his hips, “God, I want you in my ass.” Exclaims and moans...